Why You Should Stop Waiting For That Person

Most people may deny it or shrug it off, but we all have “That Person.”

That person who makes us giddy whenever we see them.
That person that we always thought we’ll have potential with.
That person who gets us inspired to become the best version of ourselves. For them, and for the future that you’ve built in your head.

That person who we truly like, but for some reason, we can’t have.

Sucks, isn’t it?

You really like that person with all your heart.
For you, that person is somewhat your match made from heaven.
According to the horoscope, you’re compatible.
You checked the Myers-Brigg and try to know his/her type, just to check if you’re compatible.
You check all these articles about the signs a person likes you, and it seems the person has got all the signs–well 7 of it.
You even used the elementary-classic, FLAMES–you and that person is “Married”.

So for effin’s sake, why are you not together?

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Waiting Shed | Script


Hinihintay ni MARLON na tumila ang ulan. Hawak ang kanyang phone, abala sa Facebook.

Patakbong pumunta si THEA sa Waiting Shed, gamit ang hoodie jacket na pang takip sa ulo.

Sa wakas nakahanap rin…

Napansin ni Thea na ex-boyfriend niya ang lalaking kasama sa waiting shed. Napatingin rin si Marlon. Nagkatitigan ang dalawa.



Tumingin sa ibang direksyon si Thea. Para maiwasang kausapin ni Marlon, nagpaka-abala siya at saka pinunasan ang braso ng basang jacket.

Napansin ni Marlon ang ginagawa ni Thea. Kaya kumuha si Marlon ng tuyong hand towel mula sa nakaalampay na gym bag.

(Trying to play it cool habang inaabot ang towel)
Here. Don’t worry, di ko pa nagagamit yan. Di natuloy ang practice kanina.

(Umiling, awkward)
Okay lang.

Lumapit si Marlon, at saka pinunasan ang braso. Nabigla si Thea, pero di na siya nakaatras.

Huwag ka kasi magpa-ulan. Sabi ko naman sayo huwag mong hayaan na magkasakit ka, diba?

Sus– Hinayaan ko nga na saktan mo ako dati, diba?
Anong bago?

Nagkatinginan ang dalawa, hinawi ni Thea ang kamay ng ex-boyfriend at saka umalis. Naiwan si Marlon, kalakip ang realidad na wala na siyang pag-asa sa kanyang first love.

The Playlist You Should Listen To When You’re Heartsick

This playlist was inspired with the happenings way back in 2016.

That year, I spent this year as a ghost, living in isolation of nothingness and confusion. From being AWOL in school, up to taking a break from all my social media accounts, some of my friends assumed that I’m dying or being abducted.

As I realized that my life’s crumbling, I tried to fix it up, looking for new stuff to work on while I’m in the process of my school re-admission. I started working in my uncle’s office/depot, where I spent the day assisting his clients, playing fruit ninja, and contemplating my past decisions. Three months later, my uncle had to move his office in a farther location, so I left the job.

This year had been awful to me. Yet despite of all the shitty happenings that came along, these three realizations somehow made it all worth it.

First, there are two types of friends in life — — the ones who are willing to keep up with your drama and the ones who are staying just for the drama.

Second, the real world sucks and it compares nothing to college. So hellish that I wished I didn’t took my meltdown seriously and continued school.

Lastly, music is the cure for everything. You may disappoint yourself, but music will never bring you down. Emotional agony? Yep it helps. Physical pain? Still works. I even spent an hour listening to Safia while having a horrible hungover, and it kicked my headache instantly.

That’s why I’m thanking these awesome songs that kept my will and made me cry on this fateful year of 2016, that I would also share to you right now:

“He’s gonna tell you you’re the one
So you better run
Yes he’s slick, never let him have his fun”

Reese Lansangan’s Slick is the most played song in my Spotify account, as I’ve constantly listened to this track ever since Arigato Internet was released. Aside from being my faves in the album, this song accurately describes the guy I like.
Listen to this: After making out with that player, to keep you on track with reality. You could also sing this for a bar’s open mic, as a warning to all the naive girls that might fall for the fuckboys they would meet that night. Continue reading

10 Ways to Win an Introvert Girl’s Heart

Winning an introvert girl’s heart isn’t as complex as you might thought it would be. But don’t expect it to be easy, as you’re dealing with an independent woman who can be happy in her own world. That’s why I came up with these ten tips to help you out:

Tip #1: A meaningful conversation is the key to capture an introvert’s attention, as “small talks” will bore us to death. Don’t expect her to tell you a long story of her LRT shenanigans by “What’s up?”, it’s not gonna be like that.

Though we have specific topics in mind, most introverts don’t have the guts to initiate a discussion. So take the plunge and just ask her about politics, pop culture, or whatever your interest is.

Tip #2: Be Genuine. Making her comfy with you is important. But you’ll never succeed if she feels that you’re not genuine. Don’t focus on impressing her because she’ll never buy that shit. Introverts are keen observers. They will know if you’re being real or not.

Tip #3: Instead of flowers, give her a book, or a DVD copy of your favorite movie, or even a goddamn Rubik’s cube. We prefer things that are useful and thoughtful. Expensive gifts might impress us for awhile, but something sentimental would be so much better.

Tip #4: Simple, sweet gestures. You don’t need to sing in front of a crowd — — singing her favorite song on phone will do. Introverts are pretty much uncomfortable when they are the center of attention and we would appreciate a romantic moment more when people are not watching.

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